This map can help you locate physicians around the world that work with patients with systemic vasculitis. You can click on the countries on the map or on the sidebar to find a list of physicians, their locations and contact information.

United States
  • Jane Doe

    Pediatric Rheumatologist

    Alberta Children's Hospital

    Research Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences

    The Hospital For Sick Children

Address: 2000 Road Street Drive, Ontario, M2J 1L9
Hospital Phone Number: 409-734-0352
Fax: 247-731-8054
Appointments/referrals email:
Likes: The CN Tower
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  • John Smith

    Pediatric Rheurmatologist

    American Hospital

Address: 665 American Way, OH, GHJ 123
Hospital Phone Number: 555-7777
Fax: 666-8888
  • Invisible Man

    Pediatric Rheumatologist

    Code 8

Phone: 967-1111
Fax: 439-0000
Don't likes: The CN Tower
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